David Tufaro best of Republican field

Mayor's race: GOP voters in Baltimore have a candidate with exceptional credentials.

August 19, 1999

REPUBLICANS ARE fortunate to have a candidate of David Tufaro's caliber running for mayor in the Sept. 14 primary. His educational, professional and business credentials make him The Sun's choice in the GOP primary.

Mr. Tufaro has been an attorney with Piper & Marbury and an executive with Oxford Development Corp. and Summit Properties. He has worked on projects as varied as Waterloo Place and the Louis Foxwell Housing for the Deaf. Mr. Tufaro has also been an active volunteer in many community and business associations.

Unfortunately, he has not honed his message. He understands real estate issues, but his positions on crime and education, for example, appear hastily developed.

Since 1963, when Theodore R. McKeldin was elected mayor for a second time, the GOP has been unable to win elective office in Baltimore, where there are eight registered Democrats to every Republican.

Faced with such overwhelming odds in a city where people tend to vote their party affiliation, the GOP understandably has had trouble fielding quality candidates for city office. Without a slate of solid candidates, the party will never be able to chip away at the Democrats' hegemony.

This is unfortunate for Baltimore residents who deserve the choices spirited, two-party contests would offer and the benefits -- potentially -- that residents have seen in New York, Indianapolis and Los Angeles where talented Republican mayors have made important contributions to turning around their cities' fortunes.

Of the seven Republicans on the ballot for mayor, Mr. Tufaro outshines his competition and deserves the party's nomination.

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