Mooooove over, Picasso

Just for kids

Kid News

August 19, 1999

Have you herd? Recently some students created a mooooving piece of art -- and got a confidence boost to boot. Four teens at the Lawrence Hall Youth Services' Therapeutic Day School in Chicago got to design, construct and paint a divine bovine sculpture that is one of many large structures hanging out throughout their city. The creation is called Angel Cow. The white-robed cow has a halo and multi-colored wings. "We all pulled it together somehow," said Joseph, 16, one of the artists. "Everybody is good at something else. It was good teamwork." (Joseph's positive experience probably made his teachers' day. One of the goals of the day school is to help kids with disabilities regain self-confidence they might have lost in mainstream classes.) The students also showed how resourceful they could be: The cow's halo is a Frisbee supported by two pencils.

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