Ask the Athletes

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August 18, 1999

What make-believe games did you play growing up?

Cynthia Cooper, guard, Houston Comets: "I played detective with my friends. I was Sherlock Holmes because I wanted to be the leader."

Tim Duncan, forward, San Antonio Spurs: "I used to pretend to be one of my favorite cartoon characters. Spider-Man and G.I. Joe were two of my favorites."

Jeff Gordon, NASCAR driver: "Star Wars was really big when I was a kid. I was always Luke Skywalker. The Force was with me."

Game Time

Let's Go Low!

ERA stands for earned run average. Roger Clemens led the league in ERA last season.

Roger gave up 69 runs in 234.2 innings. What was his ERA?

1. Multiply the total number of earned runs the pitcher gives up by 9 (the number of innings).

2. Divide that number by the number of innings the pitcher has pitched.

3. Round off the answer to three figures.

1. 69 x 9 = 621

2. 621(divided) 234.2 = ____

3. Rounded off: _____

ANSWER: 2.65


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