Crackers hold up under tasty toppingsDainty, waferlike...


August 18, 1999|By Suzanne Loudermilk

Crackers hold up under tasty toppings

Dainty, waferlike Carr's Crackers have been longtime cocktail-party favorites. Now, they have a heartier counterpart -- Monterey Crackers -- for casual entertaining. The crackers, which come in Roasted Vegetable, Hearty Wheat, Savory Wheat and Sesame & Onion flavors, provide a sturdy base for tasty toppings. Try easy BLTs: Spread Sesame & Onion crackers with mayonnaise and top with baby salad greens. Arrange sliced cherry tomatoes and cooked, sliced bacon on lettuce.

A light, healthful diet for Maryland's first lady

Maryland's first lady, Frances Hughes Glendening, plays many roles, including wife, mother, author and attorney. But she's also known around the country as a stickler for healthful eating -- at home and at Government House. In the current issue of Cooking Light magazine, Glendening is mentioned for her "inviolate rules for light and healthy dining, right down to the evening popcorn." It's true, she admits. In the Glendening kitchen, you'll find skim milk, reduced-fat cottage cheese, Healthy Choice popcorn and low-fat pretzels, she says. Son Raymond, 19, has even asked, "Are you trying to tell me something," Glendening says with a laugh.

Gas grills are hot items

Hot news on the grilling front: For the first time since gas grills were introduced in the 1960s, a significant majority (60 percent) of grill owners have gas grills, according to the 1999 Weber GrillWatch Survey.

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