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August 18, 1999|By Susan Rapp | Susan Rapp,Village Reading Center

When parents help their children prepare for school, they are opening doors to a new, exciting world, and building the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Here are a few suggestions to initiate now:

Getting ready

* Begin to develop a daily routine for school by gradually setting earlier bed and wake-up times.

* Set aside time each day for quiet reading or writing activities, and gradually shorten the TV and video game time.

* Visit your child's school for a brief walk-through the week before school opens. If you know your child's teacher, say a quick hello -- keeping in mind that it is a busy preparation time.

* Shop for school supplies with your child to heighten interest and enthusiasm for school. Be sure to buy the needed school items so your child will feel prepared.

* Organize your child's room, clothes and belongings and set up a quiet area for studying. Pick out clothes to wear on the first day.

* If your child takes the bus, post the bus number on the refrigerator and encourage your child to memorize it.

On the first day

* Take a snapshot of your child leaving for the first day of school.

* Secretly place a note of encouragement and love in your child's lunch box or book bag.

* Plan to spend some uninterrupted time with your child after the first day. Go out for ice cream or prepare a favorite dessert to eat after dinner while chatting about the events of the day.

Back-to-school book list

Your child may not know how to express his feelings about starting school, but reading books on this topic will stimulate discussion. Here are some to consider:

"Welcome Back to Pokeweed Public School" by John Bianchi

"Arthur's Back to School Day (An I Can Read Book)" by Lillian Hoban

"I Don't Want to Go Back to School" by Marisabina Russo

"Lunch Boxes" by Fred Ehrlich

"Back to School for Rotten Ralph" by Jack Gantos

"Sharing Time Troubles" by Grace MacCarone

"The Berenstain Bears Back to School" by Stan and Jan Berenstain

"Curious George Goes to School" by Margret and H. A. Rey

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