"In `Harry By the Sea' by Gene Zion, Harry is a dog with...


August 18, 1999

"In `Harry By the Sea' by Gene Zion, Harry is a dog with block spots who likes everything about the seashore. I like the part when Harry is covered with seaweed and everybody is afraid of him. The family did not even know Harry."

-- Courtney Robinson

Cherry Hill Elementary

"I think you should read `Scrambled Eggs Super!' by Dr. Seuss. There are funny pictures, especially the bird that lays eggs on cacti. The book has colorful pictures and silly words like Mop-Noodled Finch. I like the picture when the boy had 1,000 eggs that are big, small and medium."

-- David Kim

Jacksonville Elementary

"I read `Commander Toad and the Big Black Hole," by Jane Yolen. I like this book because it is fun and I like frogs and toads. The frogs and toads are flying through space in a spaceship. My favorite part is when the spaceship lands on something pink and sticky, and they think it is gum, but it is really a big tongue."

-- Megan A. Blount

Jessup Elementary School

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