Schaefer, environmental league to back O'Malley's bid

Mayoral candidate earns perfect mark on score card

August 17, 1999|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

Mayoral candidate Martin O'Malley has picked up endorsements on two fronts: a coalition of environmentalists and state Comptroller and former Mayor William Donald Schaefer.

Schaefer, also a former governor, will make his announcement at 8 a.m. today at Lyndhurst Elementary School in West Baltimore. He initially backed the movement to draft Kweisi Mfume, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, who declined to run.

The endorsement by Schaefer is expected to help O'Malley in a critical aspect of the tight 25-candidate race: helping to raise campaign donations.

Based on his four-year voting record, the Baltimore City League of Environmental Voters has also endorsed O'Malley for mayor.

O'Malley earned a perfect score on the league's "Environmental Scorecard," which monitors City Council members' environmental voting records. During his previous council term, O'Malley scored 90 percent on the league's score card.

"Besides just casting the votes, O'Malley earned our support with his strong presence on the council floor and his behind-the-scenes leadership on a wide array of environmental issues," -- from medical waste incineration to rubble crushing operations to the buyout in Wagner's Point and Fairfield," said league chairman Terry J. Harris.

The league also endorsed Nathan C. Irby Jr. for council president and Joan M. Pratt for comptroller.

Council candidates receiving league endorsements are:

1st District: John L. Cain, Nicholas C. D'Adamo Jr. and Lois Garey.

2nd District: Robert Stokes, Mark Washington and Andre Weitzman.

3rd District: Robert Curran, Kenneth Harris and Sylvia Williams.

4th District: Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr., Catherine Pugh and Julian Thomas.

The league made no endorsements in the 5th and 6th districts.

The city primary is Sept. 14.

The League of Environmental Voters was joined in the endorsements by Clean Water Action, another environmental group.

League officials said they will support the candidates they endorsed with volunteer efforts and targeted direct mailings.

Pub Date: 8/17/99

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