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August 15, 1999

Old Colt praises Steadman

John Steadman, I tip my helmet to you, not just as a great sportswriter, but as a greater man. Your articles have always been very interesting and sincere.

Having spent nine years in the NFL, I have met many sportswriters. I rate you on top of the class when it comes to fairness and just plain good reporting.

John, as you know, when I was with the Colts in the early 1960s, I played on the same team with almost all the great names: John Unitas, Jim Parker, Raymond Berry, Lenny Moore, Jimmy Orr, Gino Marchetti, Ordell Braase, Art Donovan, Bill Pellington and many others. I feel that you are respected by all of them.

Bill Saul, Baltimore

Mussina deserves better

I think the Orioles are a disgrace to Maryland. Starting with Mussina the owners, they should get rid of Mike Mussina if they can get two players for him because he deserves a better team. God knows he will never make it with this bunch of has-beens. It's a shame to waste the rest of his years with this team.

Paul Pettera, Cambridge

... and so does Ely

How shocked were we to read that Chris Ely of WJZ-TV was released. Ely is the best, no holds barred, sports announcer of that station, or any other station for that matter. What Jay Newman should have done was to get rid of that obnoxious, so-called "funny man" who is a sorry and sad excuse for a sports announcer.

Every time "funny man" John Buren appears, I immediately change to another channel. To say we can't stand him is the gross understatement of the year.

Now that Ely, who is in a class with the legendary Chuck Thompson, is no longer with WJZ-TV, one of the other classy channels should gobble him up. Channels 2 and 11 will be our premier TV stations from now on. We hope one of you will be fortunate enough to hire one of the classiest sports announcers around anywhere.

Charlie Tiemeyer, Chestertown

Silent treatment?

Fans, let's give Albert Belle what he really wants. To paraphrase a benediction: "Let all Orioles fans keep silence before him." Yard officials could help keep Belle happy by flashing "SILENCE" each time he comes to bat.

Gladys Chiellon, Owings Mills

Local players get due

Apparently, local fans aren't the only ones to consider Walter Ripken Johnson, Cal Ripken and Brooks Robinson to be three of the best players of all time. The editorial staff of the New York Times, in the ultimate compliment, chose all three for its all-time baseball team (Baseball's Maddening List, Editorial page, July 25).

With six pitchers being chosen and two players for each infield position, Johnson was an overwhelming selection. However, Ripken was not far behind, being chosen along with Honus Wagner at shortstop and beating out Ernie Banks, with Ripken favored as a complete player over the hitting ability of Banks.

At third base, the choices were Mike Schmidt and Robinson, with Robinson's "exceptional grace in the field over George Brett's and Eddie Mathews' prowess at the plate."

Even more satisfying to Orioles fans was that Ripken's alternate choice at shortstop, Wagner, was rated as the greatest baseball player of all time. Pretty good company, I would say.

Nelson Marans ,Silver Spring

The Belle effect

The fans seem to delight in reacting unfavorably toward Albert Belle and making negative comments about him. But just where would the Orioles be without him?

Joe Hock, Cockeysville

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