Two rob bank in Arundel but drop the loot

Armed pair flee in car after dye pack explodes

money is recovered

August 13, 1999|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

The FBI is investigating a daytime armed robbery at a bank in Glen Burnie in which two suspects got away -- but without a dime to show for the effort.

They dropped the cash while running out of the bank, said county police. It was returned to the bank.

The robbery occurred Wednesday at the former NationsBank branch at Glen Burnie Mall in the 6700 block of Ritchie Highway.

Police said that two men, one carrying a silver handgun and the other a blue steel handgun, entered the bank at 9: 25 a.m.

One gunman ordered customers to sit on the floor. The other told a teller to open the vault.

The teller did not know the combination and could not get into the vault, police said. The gunman then took all the money from the cash drawers at the teller stations and put it into a plastic bag.

Police said the robbers fled the bank, but within seconds a dye pack in the money exploded, surprising them. They dropped the bag.

That attracted the attention of a mall security guard who approached the men. One, without saying a word, pointed a gun at the guard, who quickly stepped back.

Police said the gunmen ran to a gray or silver 1988 to 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier and drove toward Ordnance Road.

Witnesses could provide only a partial Maryland license plate number, the letters DRK, and police did not report a full description of the men. Both were in their 30s.

"We held the scene until the FBI showed up," said Lt. Jeff Kelly, a county police spokesman.

Kelly said the FBI handles investigations of all bank robberies.

He said the money was returned but would not say how much had been taken.

Despite the sign still on the building, NationsBank branches are officially Bank of America branches. The two banks merged nearly a year ago, and NationsBank Corp. is spending $9 million changing signs, stationery and business cards.

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