Jennifer Paterson,71, a television cook and one of the...

Deaths Elsewhere

August 12, 1999

Jennifer Paterson,71, a television cook and one of the "Two Fat Ladies" who joyfully salted their recipes with political incorrectness, died Tuesday of lung cancer in London.

Happy to be plump, the women toured the country on Miss Paterson's old Triumph motorcycle -- she in the driver's seat and Clarissa Dickson Wright, in Red Baron-style helmet, squeezed into the sidecar. Miss Dickson Wright once called the program "a cookery show with anarchy and a motorbike."

Bob Herbert, 57, the man who concocted the Spice Girls, was killed in a car accident near London Monday. Mr. Herbert, who brought the Spice Girls together and lately managed the teen pop group Five, died after he lost control of his car in heavy rain and it collided with another car in Windsor, west of London.

William L. Slayton, 82, an urban renewal pioneer who headed a federal agency charged with renewing U.S. cities, died Saturday in Washington after suffering a stroke.

He was commissioner of the Urban Renewal Administration in the Housing and Home Finance Agency under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. After the Department of Housing and Urban Development was formed in 1966, he became executive vice president for Urban American, creator of the National Urban Coalition.

Sandra B. O'Leary, 50, a top State Department economic official in Republican and Democratic administrations, died Monday of cancer at her home in McLean, Va.

She served as an economic adviser to Secretaries of State George Shultz and James Baker before becoming a deputy assistant secretary of state for economic policy in the Clinton administration.


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