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August 12, 1999


Being a kid isn't easy. Here's a look at events that affect kids -- their battles and, sometimes, their victories:

A Sexist Declaration

PATRIOT GAMES: Along with reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic, a New Jersey senator wants to add recitation to students' school lessons. Republican Sen. Gerald Cardinale is trying to pass legislation that would require students in his state to recite part of the Declaration of Independence each day. So far, he hasn't had a lot of luck. His bill failed in June when women in the assembly said the wording of the Declaration -- "all men are created equal" and "governments are instituted among men" -- is sexist because it excludes women. Others said the Declaration would lose meaning for kids if they were forced to recite it every day (think about the Pledge of Allegiance ...)

Children as Slaves

FIGHTING SLAVE LABOR: Around the world, millions of children ages 5 to 14 work instead of attending school, and some kids work as slaves. To stop this, 174 nations in the International Labor Organization (part of the United Nations) have agreed to a treaty to protect kids. It calls for governments to penalize harshly those who force kids to work. It also says countries should find ways to prevent abusive child labor and help kids kept as slaves return to school and their families.

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