Spring Garden pupils branch out with art project


August 11, 1999|By Pat Brodowski | Pat Brodowski,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

EVERY PUPIL entering Spring Garden Elementary School will see a large tree that climbs the foyer wall and arches its branches, which hang from the ceiling.

The tree was built by every pupil, and many parents, for an Earth Day celebration late in the school year.

It was planned by art teacher Jan VanBibber so that each of the school's 850 or so pupils would gain sculptural art experience. A group of parents modeled armature of chicken wire, plastic pipe and wood (donated by parent Joe Ibex). The group included Denise Mullineaux, Cheryl Nolan, Sean Shipman, Donna Pingor and Gail Smetzer.

Smetzer organized parent volunteers and worked each day as the project evolved.

The armature was cut into large sections for a three-day application of papier-mache.

Between sculpture sessions, pupils were led by special subject teachers in reading and musical activities. Each drew a full-length self-portrait under direction of art teacher Brigitte Delzingaro that was attached to a poster of the world globe. Kindergartners cut leaves from colored art foam.

Physical education teachers Craig Walker and Denise Spangler allowed the gymnasium to become a studio for the papier-mache project, and assisted the daily transformation from chicken wire to layers of newspaper to the final day of applying colored paper bark. Afterward, parents bolted the finished tree to the foyer wall and attached the large sections together.

The parent volunteers who helped pupils make the project a success are: Chris Daniels, Vicki Prager, Michele Pasta, Gail Garvey, Marsha VanPelt, Amy Sandberg and Lisa Robinson.

Also, Rick Douglas, Janet Tomlinson, Robin Fitz, Debbie Daiker, Wendy Maloney, Stacy Malinowski, Joe Ibex, Ann Hintenach, Carla Aspril and Jill Mewhirter.

Also, Cheryl Standiford, Doris Fisher, Joyce Nevin, Mary Laurenzano, Lisa Robinson, Bonnie Klein, Kathy Dwyer, and Ken Mechalske.

Parents who donated bags of newspaper for construction are Vicki Prager, Marcy Piet, Gail Yurche, Doris Fisher and Bianca Hafele.

Volunteer for wine fest

To learn to appreciate wine takes a specialized education of savoring and sipping.

At Cygnus Wine Cellars, 3130 Long Lane in Manchester, from noon to 5 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, wine tasting is devoted to such education. If you think wine is a complicated subject, a few hours with owner Ray Brasfield will yield an understanding of how wines are produced and why they taste the way they do.

Brasfield is looking for volunteers to staff the Cygnus Wine Cellars booth during the Maryland Wine Festival on Sept. 18 and 19.

Volunteers select a shift to pour and talk wine, and get a free ticket to the festival the rest of the day. About 80 people are needed for the weekend with Cygnus, so friends are encouraged to sign up together.

"It's definitely a crash course. I do a letter and a brief go-through before the festival," Brasfield said. "Festivals are a big event for all of the wineries. The key thing is people get a taste of what the wineries are doing, and then are attracted to come to the winery and see how they actually do it."

Cygnus will offer its standard red, white and cabernet sauvignon, plus champagne, reserve Julian blend, and wines named for its Manchester location, including Manchester Hall, a semidry white; Millers Time, a semidry red; and Port of Manchester, a sweet dessert port.

About 20,000 people attend the wine festival at Carroll County Farm Museum. In addition to Maryland wineries, food vendors are available, musicians entertain, artists and craftspeople exhibit and sell works, and the Carroll County recreation department sells posters and shirts.

To volunteer, call Cygnus Wine Cellars at 410-374-6395.

Pat Brodowski's North neighborhood column appears each Wednesday in the Carroll County edition of The Sun.

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