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August 11, 1999


Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez of the Texas Rangers is a force on and off the field. He is a seven-time All Star and has won seven Gold Glove awards for fielding. He helps needy kids and kids with cancer.

Ivan's idol growing up in Puerto Rico was Hall-of-Fame outfielder Roberto Clemente. Roberto also did a lot of volunteer work.

"Roberto spent a lot of time helping people," says Ivan. "I want to do the same things."


Swimmer Amy Van Dyken won four gold medals at the 1996 Summer Olympics. She set the U.S. record of 24.87 seconds in the women's 50-meter freestyle event. To swim that fast, Amy cruised the pool at 4.5 miles per hour. But an orca, or killer whale, would have left Amy floundering in its wake! Orcas have been clocked at 34.5 miles per hour. At that speed, an orca would swim 50 meters in 3.24 seconds. That's almost eight times faster than Amy's record!


Pub Date: 08/11/99

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