An easy way to reduce 1999 taxes

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August 11, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

HERE'S HOW to lower your 1999 tax bill: "Defer income into 2000," says Tax Hotline. "Buy six-month or one-year T-bills or CDs that don't credit interest until maturity next year.

"Act now; the longer you wait, the less income you can throw into 2000 and the larger 1999's tax bill will be."

WALL STREET WATCH: "10 out of 10 indicators we follow say we're in a bubble, bigger than any bubble before. Investors' risk is at an all-time high." (Wall Street Notes)

"If breadth deterioration, seasonal woes, sloppy bond market, falling dollar and tough-talking Fed-head Alan Greenspan don't make you nervous -- check your pulse rate!" (McAvity's Deliberations)

"With Greenspan looking to be re-appointed, he'll be all talk and little action. If that's true, we'll see more all-time highs before yearend." (Option Advisor)

"As long as bonds remain weak and commodity prices strong, major market averages will be capped on the upside." (Personal Finance)

"For the first time ever, the NYSE wants to sell shares. Do what corporate investors do, listen -- then ignore what they say." (Liquidity Trim Tabs)

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