Let's see positive storiesAs an Orioles fan and reader of...


August 08, 1999

Let's see positive stories

As an Orioles fan and reader of The Sun, I am absolutely disgusted with having to read daily about Albert Belle, who I agree is obnoxious and ignorant to fans.

However, for columnist John Eisenberg to suggest that we make Belle miserable enough to make him waive his no-trade clause is ridiculous.

That will only make families at the ballpark endure loud, rude and crude taunts directed at Belle by drunk fans who do not care about the age of the kid sitting next to them.

It would be nice to pick up the sports page and read something positive that would entice families to go to the park. Try writing about players who bust their butts and are good to the fans, players like Jeff Reboulet, Will Clark, B. J. Surhoff and Cal Ripken.

Gary Mauerhan


C. Johnson is golden guy

As a Realtor who is fortunate to help place Baltimore professional athletes, it was my privilege to help Orioles catcher Charles Johnson and his wife, Rhonda, find a temporary residence [here].

I can only say his skills on the field are clearly matched by his kindness, unassuming manner, love and respect for his family, and perspective on life and fortune that were clearly instilled in him by his parents.

Perhaps in addition to Gold Gloves, athletes should be awarded gold hearts. Johnson could comfortably own both.

Candace Claster


Ripken just hanging around

It appears that Cal Ripken will get 400 career home runs and perhaps 3,000 hits before the season is over, so at his age and with his accomplishments, you retire, right? Wrong!

Even though Ripken knows the best thing for the organization is a youth movement, he wouldn't dare retire. He will hang around until he is 50 as long at Peter Angelos keeps throwing money at him.

Jon Pontiac


DeShields doesn't fit

Why is Delino DeShields, a supposedly nice-enough person, the Orioles' starter at second base?

In their infinite wisdom, the Orioles (was it general manager Frank Wren?) replaced Robert Alomar with DeShields, a player of limited defensive skills whose hitting prowess scares no one.

Had DeShields not gone down with an injury, Jerry Hairston would still be wasting away at Rochester, ruing the day he signed with the Orioles. However, through a quirk of fate, Hairston clearly established himself as the answer at second base. He should be recalled immediately.

Morton D. Marcus


Steady Bordick overlooked

Who's crazy here? Apparently being casually overlooked by the Orioles' brass as well as The Sun sportswriters, Mike Bordick, the consummate professional ballplayer, has been consigned for departure.

Bordick is so good at his job (fielding, hitting .270-plus, thinking aggressively every day) that none of those mentioned above know what they are losing.

One writer talks blithely of getting Alex Rodriguez at the end of the 2000 season.

But what happens in the meantime? Who will pay Rodriguez a salary probably larger than Albert Belle's? Start to think and keep Bordick at least until the end of his contract.

Howard K. Ottenstein


Old-timers had it right

As an old sports fan, I am sickened by the Albert Belle vs. the media saga.

Real ballplayers such as Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg, Enos "Country" Slaughter and Stan Musial played with a correct baseball mentality, not the silly, asinine attitude of "love me or leave me alone."

Play the game as hard as you can and respect the fans who pay your salary. Take the media with a grain of salt. Then all the boos and cheers will fall into their rightful place.

Bill Kearns


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