Speak up if you want to elect school boardIf you believe...


August 08, 1999

Speak up if you want to elect school board

If you believe the school board should be elected by the citizens of Anne Arundel County instead of being appointed by the governor, it is time to stand up and be counted.

At 7 p.m. Aug. 16 at the Arundel Center, 45 Calvert St., Annapolis, the public will get a chance to support a resolution being introduced to the County Council by Councilman Bill Burlison, urging the county's state legislative delegation to provide for an elected school board.

More than 90 percent of counties in the United States have elected school boards. It is time to bring democracy to Anne Arundel County.

I applaud Mr. Burlison for leading this effort. But if he does not receive enough support, we will surely continue to have our children redistricted and our tax dollars spent by a board that is not accountable to anyone.

Richard S. Zipper


`Big government' helps real people

Rep. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s letter, "GOP's tax cuts can save us money, won't hurt retirees" (July 31), deserves a response.

Those who really benefit from this tax plan are the individuals George Will reverently refers to as the "investing class."

The Senate GOP plan, according to Citizens for Tax Justice, gives three-quarters of its benefits to the wealthiest fifth of taxpayers. For the bottom 60 percent of taxpayers (most of the rest of us), the average tax cut is $139, a few bags of groceries or a couple of dinners out.

Big deal.

The real implication? The $5.6 trillion debt passed on to the next generation. Military spending soars, not for salaries, but for "Star Wars" defense systems or similar boondoggles.

Vast social, human and environmental deficits remain. Children go hungry. Parents working two or three minimum-wage jobs can't pay rent, child care and doctor bills. Schools continue to deteriorate. Police protection decreases. The jobless poor are left behind.

The "big government" programs Mr. Ehrlich refers to are those that benefit children, the working poor and middle-income Americans.

In the interest of fairness, they should be continued.

Lee Lears Annapolis

`That's why we threw the Brits out'

KAL's editorial cartoon in The Sun on Aug. 1 clearly demonstrates the gulf between gun owners and gun grabbers.

Here some condescending cartoon character Brit is outraged because guns -- the numbers are irrelevant -- are owned by "citizens."

That's right. That's why we threw the Brits out and are not subjects of the crown.

This country was built on the premise that we can trust our citizens and we will take care of those who demonstrate that they are unworthy of that trust.

Unfortunately, the government, especially the current administration, does not trust the citizens, does not punish the criminals and is increasingly trying to force us to accept rules set by other, so-called civilized nations.

W. C. Harsanyi


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