The lesson from Starbucks: When ordering, think...


August 08, 1999

The lesson from Starbucks: When ordering, think big

ORDERING coffee one recent morning in the Pasadena office, several co-workers got into a Seinfeldian conversation about the sizes at Starbucks Coffee

What's medium? asked Matt, taking orders.

Grande, Rosemary replies.

Then what's a small? he asked.

Tall. It's Tall, Grande and Vente, says the one with the frequent drinker miles.

So the sizes are big, big and big, ya dig?

Exactly. And, therefore, all worth the price of a Happy Meal. --TaNoah Morgan

The heat's not as hot, as summer drags on

STEPPING out of an air-conditioned building into 90-degree weather this week in Annapolis, a woman sighed and smiled.

"It's sad," she said, "when the fact that it's only 90 degrees out makes you happy." --Cheryl Tan

St. Mary's College officials ecstatic over sailing victory

ST. MARY'S College officials organizing the recent Governor's Cup sailing race were bursting with pride over their tiny school winning the National Team Racing Championship in Florida last month.

Passing by the Naval Academy in Annapolis last week, Mike Ironmonger, director of the St. Mary's sailing program, said: "Ahh millions and millions of tax dollars going into the Naval academy and its sailing program, and little ol' St. Mary's comes along and hands them their head." -- Cheryl Tan

State worker keeps reminder of daughter's early years

LOVE what's left.

That apparently was the 14 practical reasoning of a young Jaclyn Stout whose father, Paul, an assistant chief of traffic operations at the State Highway Administration near Baltimore.-Washington International Airport, has kept a funny writing assignment his daughter did as a first-grader on his wall for a dozen years.

"I like dogs. I have a dog. I love cats and dogs. I yus to have 2 cats. My dad tuc my cats away. I love my dog." -- TaNoah Morgan

Arundel County executive of autograph seekers

SPOTTED at Downs Memorial Park in Pasadena; County Executive Janet S. Owens and Recreation and Parks Director Dennis Callahan bound by the legs, blowing away the competition in an impromptu three-legged race.

Owens entered the race as part of her tour through the county's parks. According to Callahan, as she finished the race, she was mobbed by kids. Why? They all wanted her autograph.- Matthew Mosk

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