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Tracy Mehok And Tim Carr

August 08, 1999|By Joanne E. Morvay | By Joanne E. Morvay,Special to the Sun

Though they met at Towson University, Tracy Mehok and Tim Carr forged their love through their connection to a resort along Lake Ontario in upstate New York.

On July 31, Tracy, 24, and Tim, 25, were married on the grounds of the Sodus Point Historic Lighthouse in Sodus Point, N.Y. The couple said their vows outside, standing on a bluff overlooking the gleaming blue waters of Lake Ontario.

The wedding party included Tim's sister Jennifer Carr as a bridesmaid. Tracy's brothers Mike and Tim were groomsmen. Tracy's parents, Sue Ellen Mehok of Lake Worth, Fla., and John Mehok of Annandale, Va., and Tim's parents, Sandra Carr of White Marsh and Tom Carr of Clyde, N.Y., sat among the 225 guests.

Tracy, who grew up in Gaithersburg, began spending summers at Sodus Point as a child -- in a lakeside cottage that her grandparents had bought long before she was born.

Tim grew up 10 miles away, in a rural village of about 2,000 residents called Clyde.

In September 1996, Tracy returned to Towson to continue her junior-year studies and moved into an on-campus apartment with three other women. Among the eight guys living next door was a newcomer named Tim, who had transferred from a community college in New York.

Talking to Tim about two weeks after school began, Tracy was shocked when he told her he hailed from tiny Clyde. Tracy remembered seeing firetrucks from Clyde in the annual Independence Day parade in Sodus Point.

As the conversation continued, the couple realized they had a number of mutual friends though they themselves had never met in all the summers Tracy had spent in the area.

The connection to the place that meant so much to both of them was an almost instant bond, they say. By the time Tim's birthday rolled around three weeks later, "it seemed like we had [always] been together," Tim recalls.

Tracy and Tim met each other's families early on in their relationship and, of course, everyone was surprised by the coincidence. Some members of Tracy's family even nicknamed Tim "Clyde" (and the name has endured) to differentiate between him and Tracy's brother Tim.

Shortly after the school year ended, Tracy and Tim went to Sodus Point for the Fourth of July parade and a weeklong visit. In September 1997, Tracy and Tim moved in together. Tracy graduated from Towson in December and landed her first job in February 1998.

Tim surprised Tracy by proposing when she returned from a six-week training session. That same weekend, the couple found the Gaithersburg townhouse where they still live. (Tracy is a programmer analyst at Keane Inc. in Rockville and Tim, who graduated from Towson in May 1998, is assistant manager at the Enterprise Rent-a-Car office in Gaithersburg.)

Tracy and Tim say they couldn't imagine being married anywhere besides Sodus Point. Their wedding was the culmination of a week's worth of activities for the couple and many of their relatives and friends. The agenda included a barbecue, a "friendly" softball game (bride's side against groom's side), waterskiing and swimming. The rehearsal dinner was a bonfire on the beach.

The circle of love and laughter that surrounded Tracy and Tim throughout the week was echoed in a poem Tracy wrote to Tim, which was included in their wedding ceremony:

"I'd give you a circle and all the love that goes round,

All the hugs and the kisses and all the laughter we share.

I'd give you that circle, just like the one standing here,

Where beginnings aren't heard of and ends are not near."

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