Commissioners again put aside United Way payroll proposal

One expresses doubts about how the charity distributes its money

August 06, 1999|By Brenda J. Buote | Brenda J. Buote,SUN STAFF

For the second time in as many days, the Carroll commissioners tabled discussion yesterday of a proposal that would allow county employees to make contributions to the United Way of Central Maryland through payroll deductions.

The commissioners are expected to tackle the issue next week.

Commissioners Donald I. Dell and Robin Bartlett Frazier refused to vote on the proposal Wednesday because Board President Julia Walsh Gouge could not attend the meeting.

Frazier, who seemed to support the payroll program Wednesday, asked yesterday to postpone discussion of the proposal because she had concerns about the way United Way disburses the contributions it receives.

"I've had several people call me with concerns, and there's some things I'd like to check out," Frazier said.

"My gut reaction is why not give people the opportunity to make contributions, but I'd like to think it over," she said.

Frazier added she would be upset if her contributions were directed to certain agencies, such as Planned Parenthood.

United Way volunteers assured her that employees would be able to direct their contributions to the program of their choice, or if they prefer to give to the organization's general fund, donors would be able to ban certain groups from receiving their money.

Carroll is the only county served by United Way that does not allow its employees to contribute through paycheck deduction.

The organization raised $309,678 in corporate and payroll deductions last year and gave $928,600 to Carroll through grants to community agencies such as Human Services Programs Inc. of Carroll County, Scouting groups and the Red Cross.

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