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August 04, 1999|By Suzanne Loudermilk

A handy spoon for yogurt eaters

In the "why-didn't-somebody-think-of-this-before" category, Colombo has attached a snap-out plastic spoon in the lids of its 8-ounce yogurt containers. The two-piece spoon is easy to pop out and assemble, and extremely handy. No more frantically searching for a utensil.

Being neighborly with zucchini

If zucchini is taking over your garden and kitchen, help is on the way. Sunday is "Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Night." Really. Thomas Roy, an avid gardener in Mount Gretna, Pa., started the celebration several years ago. Now, it's catching on around the country.

Some sweet tips on Web site

Domino Sugar offers fun recipes, lunch-box ideas and other hints at its Web site, www.dominosugar.com. For example: To freeze chocolate-chip cookie dough, drop by rounded teaspoons onto cookie sheets and freeze uncovered until firm. Remove the frozen unbaked cookie dough, pack into freezer bag and freeze up to 1 month. To bake, arrange frozen dough on cookie sheets and let thaw for about 45 minutes before baking.

Pub Date: 08/04/99

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