Small steps onto the Web

Computer Time

August 04, 1999

More and more parents are surfing the Web with their children, only to drown in the flow of information out there. To help you and your child get "wired," here are some useful sites on the World Wide Web that can be help build family togetherness and promote learning.

When using the Web together, have your child do as much of the clicking and pointing as possible. In that way, she will learn how the Internet is used and it will be a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you.

* The home page offers the latest information on favorite authors and series books. Children can take a Harry Potter trivia quiz, go on an adventure from the center of the earth to a volcano at the surface on the Magic School Bus or find out what's happening at the Babysitter's Club.

* Go to to follow a story with a new episode added each week, go on a scavenger hunt or play color Match n' Madness with the latest hues.

* For the latest information about favorite books and authors, go to Here your child can find out the latest scoop, or follow a make-your-own-adventure story.

* The American Library Association issues an up-to-date listing of other useful Web sites for children at

-- Susan Rapp, Village Reading Center

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