"I read a book called `Heidi' by Johanna Spyri. My...


August 04, 1999

"I read a book called `Heidi' by Johanna Spyri. My favorite part was when Heidi lived with her Uncle Alp. And Clara, Heidi's friend, lived with her. Heidi's other friend is Peter. Clara was in a wheelchair. But Heidi and Peter taught her how to walk. Then Clara's father came and he was so happy that Clara could walk!"

-- Maria Spoerl

Hickory Elementary

"Did anybody new ever come into your school and start to cause trouble? Well, if they did, `Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade' by Barthe Declements is a good book for you. Even if you are a new student in Ms. Hanson's class, she is still strict. That is why this is my favorite book."

-- Ayana Dalili

Randallstown Elementary

"My favorite book is `The Berenstain Bear Scouts Meet Bigpaw' by Stan and Jan Berenstain because I like bears and fiction. I like when Bigpaw plays his banjo. He really likes to sing. My favorite scout is Sister. I like Sister because she likes animals like I do."

-- Matthew Citrano

St. John the Evangelist School

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