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Stone Stumper

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August 04, 1999

Tiger Woods had an unusual problem during the final round of the 1999 Phoenix Open golf tournament.

Tiger's tee shot on the 13th hole landed right in front of a 1,000-pound boulder. Uh-oh! He could not take a full swing. Then he had an idea.

Tiger asked the fans if they would move the boulder for him. Twelve guys lifted the boulder.

After it was moved, Tiger had room to lash a great shot. Tiger thanked the fans and kept playing the rest of the hole. He birdied the hole.

You were the rules official. Did you disqualify Tiger for moving the boulder?

ANSWER: No. A rock that isn't stuck in the ground may be moved by anyone.

Funny Photos

We asked kids to send us funny captions for this photo. Here are some of our favorites!

"First kiss."

-- Jay M, 10

Livonia, Michigan

"I saw a seal do this once."

-- Jake T, 10

Plymouth, Minnesota

"This thing smells!"

-- Mitchell S, 13

Plover, Wisconsin

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