Anita Carter, 66, who sang and played stand-up bass with...

Deaths Elsewhere

August 03, 1999

Anita Carter, 66, who sang and played stand-up bass with the country music act the Carter Sisters, died Thursday in Nashville, Tenn.

The younger sister of June Carter Cash and sister-in-law of Johnny Cash had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for several years. The cause of death was not immediately known.

Rear Adm. Hugh Balfour, 66, who helped modernize Britain's Royal Navy, was the captain of a destroyer in the Falkland Islands War and later commanded Oman's navy, died of cancer June 29 in London.

Malachi Brendan Martin, 78, a former priest and close associate of Pope John XXIII's who went on to write thrillers about the Roman Catholic Church, died July 27 in New York.

Clint Youle, 83, who in 1948 in Chicago became television's first weatherman and improvised his earliest broadcasts by scrawling with a black marker over a map bought at a local store, died July 23 in Galena, Ill., from complications of a stroke.


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