BaltimoreAug. 2-4 Rite Aid Corp. trade show, Convention...


August 02, 1999


Aug. 2-4 Rite Aid Corp. trade show, Convention Center. Contact: Jayne Katz. Estimated attendance: 5,000

Aug. 8-12 American Statistical Association North American convention and exhibition, Convention Center. Contact: Lee Decker, 703-864-1221. Estimated attendance: 5,000

Aug. 17-20 Rural Utilities national conference, Omni Inner Harbor. Contact: Ken Ackerman, 202-720-9460. Estimated attendance: 600


The Sun lists selected conventions of general interest or with exhibits open to the public from those provided by the Baltimore Area Convention & Visitors Association. This is not a list of all industrial, business or organizational conventions and meetings which are held in Baltimore, most of which are not open to public participation.

For Washington-area convention information, call the Washington, D.C. Convention and Visitors Association at: 202-789-7000.

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