Does Columbia serve your recreational needs?

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July 29, 1999

Last week we asked: Columbia is increasingly becoming a cultural and arts center for the region. Does Columbia serve your recreational needs? Or do you venture into Baltimore or Washington for arts and entertainment?

I've lived here since 1977. I love Columbia, but I venture out because there's no good jazz on a regular basis; there are no boutiques or coffee shops near the lake. And most important there's no art film theater, with all the theaters -- the movie theaters -- there isn't one that shows the newest art films. You can't get that without going into Washington. We need that. But otherwise it's a great place to live and raise your kids and your grandkids.

Susan Kleinberg, Columbia

The real beauty of living in Columbia is that we can nearly as easily go to the Kennedy Center or Center Stage as we can HCC's Outback Theatre. I don't even think it's desirable to stay in Columbia 24/7. Wouldn't that look a lot like stagnation?

Janet Keatts, Columbia

I think Columbia supports my recreational needs because there are so many different activities to do here. For example, the mall for shopping, movies at the lake in the summertime and adventures in the park. Columbia provides a safe, interesting and recreational environment. I think Columbia has more than enough activities to pleasure people of all ages. Sure, Baltimore and Washington have many things to do like Artscape and baseball games, but Columbia has many exciting and convenient things to do.

Sheryl Kleiner, 12, Columbia

Columbia is nice. There's a lot of things to do there, but for teen-agers there's really not the hangout spot. Yeah, there are a lot of restaurants, but there needs to be more activities for teen-agers to do. I always go into Baltimore and do stuff because there's never anything to do in Columbia.

Brian LaHart, Ellicott City

Although there is much talk of the new Cineplex theaters in town, I would love to see a small, art movie house along the lines of the Rotunda in Baltimore. It could be in Town Center, and I'd do it if I had the backing.

Marijane Monck, Harper's Choice

I would like to see the movie theater down by the lakefront offer documentary and foreign films.

Donna MacIsaac, Clarys Forest (Columbia)

As a student at George Washington University, the contrasts between D.C. and Columbia are too numerous to count. Where can one go to a dance club in Columbia? Movie theaters here offer no student discounts, which affect a limited budget. As exciting as the swimming pools, tot lots and "Kinderman" shows may be for children, they are ill-suited for young adults.

Joni Poch, Oakland Mills

No, I do not believe that Columbia has the proper entertainment. There's no place to dance. The restaurants don't even have any music anymore. You have to go to Washington or Baltimore for that. So I think they're way behind on entertainment as far as dancing.

Ruth Frutchey, Ellicott City

Columbia does meet most of our cultural needs. I would prefer if at Lake Kittamaqundi they had a marquee that would give you the type of entertainment and when -- the times -- so that you don't have to carry your calendar around. And also if it's jazz, the type of jazz.

Betty Petrogallo, Columbia

I have been living in Columbia since 1978. It is like living in a country club and I love the town and the people. Although Columbia has many restaurants now, we still travel to Baltimore or Washington for good nonchain restaurants. It would be nice to encourage private entrepreneurs to open restaurants in Columbia. I think it is important to create individual character for Columbia. Bring back Mrs. Z's!

The lakes and the cultural events are the pride of Columbia and we go to them often. However, we do occasionally go to Baltimore or Washington for cultural events.

Linda Field, Kings Contrivance

Pub Date: 7/29/99

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