"This book is called 'Adventure in Space: The Flight to...

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July 28, 1999

"This book is called 'Adventure in Space: The Flight to Fix the Hubble.' 'Adventure in Space' has pages flashing through the book. The author is Elaine Scott."

-- Matthew Cavin

Runnymede Elementary

"The book 'Can You Dance, Dalila?' by Virginia Kroll is interesting and fun to read. After Dalila saw a Valentine's Day special about ballroom dancing, she wanted to become a dancer. Her grandmother took her to see different kinds of dance shows and she would come home, dress up and practice all of the steps. When she went to see the West African Troupe, everyone was invited to join in. When Dalila danced, the crowd made a circle around her and watched. The book was exciting. The illustrations are paintings of my real aunt and two cousins!"

-- Shanika Walker

Roland Park Elementary School

Pub Date: 07/28/99

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