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July 25, 1999

Don't give up on the O's

Break up the Orioles?

I must need a new calculator. According to mine, the Orioles have not been mathematically eliminated. Why are these out-of-towners masquerading as the Baltimore media so ready to give up so soon?

As a mini-plan season-ticket holder, I am not ready to see minor-league players for major-league prices. Is owner Peter Angelos going to give us a rebate on the second half of the season?

Harry E. Bennett Jr., Baltimore

O's are AL East's doormats

Peter Angelos said he would not let the Orioles be a doormat for the New York Yankees. The truth is, the Orioles are a doormat for the Yankees and every other team in the AL East.

We've tried Angelos' way. It has produced a last-place team for $80 million. Give us a new owner.

Greg Gotwalt, York, Pa.

Why do players ignore fans?

So, the Orioles are "reacting to safety and security concerns raised by fans, players and management" when they take steps to limit fans' access to the players' parking lot?

Why don't the Orioles just come right out and say what it all boils down to? The players do not want to be bothered by the fans, period.

The saddest thing to see is the way the players treat the young fans, those who worship them as heroes, only to be disappointed when they are totally ignored.

The Orioles must have a lot of faith in their fan base to alienate them even more than they already have during a season like this.

Linda S. Cleveland, Thurmont

Vancouver story well done

Regarding Jerry Bembry's article, "Warm Vancouver saves cold draft for Francis," I was most impressed by the solid research and balanced approach taken by Mr. Bembry. It was as if he had lived in Vancouver for a great many years.

It is even more impressive that such an article was featured in a Baltimore newspaper. Well done, folks!

Colin Chow, Vancouver, British Columbia

Put new track outside city

All the theories and opinions regarding Pimlico Race Course seem to place a lot of blame on Joe De Francis and fail to focus on the real problem. Regular race-goers who live less than a minute away opt to go to Laurel and watch simulcasting rather than park in or about Pimlico.

Will a brand-new or refurbished facility change this? Hialeah has one of the most beautiful race tracks in the country, yet patrons stay away because of the neighborhood.

If a new Pimlico plant is to be built, locate it outside the city.

Even then, we need slot machines to overcome nearby competition. Our governor, who refuses to accept this fact, will be out of office in three years, and hopefully someone who really has the survival of Maryland racing at heart will act accordingly.

Donald C. Mahan, Ocean City

Pub Date: 7/25/99

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