Shoes that will never pinchWe've found a shoe that will...


July 25, 1999|By Gailor Large | Gailor Large,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

Shoes that will never pinch

We've found a shoe that will make even the tiniest feet feel as though they belong to Cinderella's wicked stepsisters.

In honor of the millennium, Willetts Designs and an artist known simply as "Raine" have joined forces to create Just the Right Shoe, a line of miniature shoes that celebrates the evolution of footwear over the years. The collection, out of California, has every style from Afternoon Tea (circa 1785) to the Leopard Stiletto (circa 1950). For between $12 and $30 a pair, you can splurge on as many wild styles as you want, and not feel guilty about never wearing them. Find them locally at Vasarri (1636 Reisterstown Road). -G.L.

Guy stuff

British Designer Ted Baker is entering the world of skin care with a line for men called Skinwear. Our favorite product is No Ordinary Shaving Oil ($17.50). When you apply it to your damp face, it allows for a nick-free shave without foam. (Sounds like a practical joke, we know.) KMI, inventors of shaving oil, created this product exclusively for Ted Baker.

Although Skinwear was designed for men, we can't get enough of No Ordinary Moisturizer ($20). Find Skinwear at all Saks Fifth Avenue locations, or go to and type in your zip code for a store near you. -G.L.

Pre-teen product whirl

For those kids who have outgrown No More Tears and Mr. Bubble but who want a little more pizazz than mom's shampoo and soaps have to offer, many bath and hair-care products aimed at pre-teens have sprung up. We found three lines and put them to the test. Here's what four girls, ages 11 to 15, had to say:

* Best scent: The favorite in this category was Limited Too's collection of shampoos, gels and lotions. The Suds n' Shine 2-in-1 shampoo in the Berricool scent was a hit, as was the Sparklicious shower gel in the Fab Floral scent. Small bottles are three for $10.50; larger bottles are three for $14. The girls' only complaint? The gels and lotions that glittered in the bottles left skin sparkle-less.

* Best looking: Hands-down the winner was Bath and Body Works' Art Stuff. The variety of funky bottles attracted everyone, and the Glitter Lotion ($5.50) left a popular sparkly residue. The Shimmer Hair Gel ($4) did the same, according to our blond, although she warned it might not perform so well on dark hair. While some of the scents like Tropical Twist left a few of our testers overwhelmed, they raved about Electric Apple.

* Mom's favorite: While Jungle Care's bath and beauty products only mildly impressed our girls, they are a hit with parents. Sold only in salons, the collection is natural (botanically blended) and is gentle on hair and skin (it contains no harsh detergents). Even though the bottles are simple and the scents quiet, our critics had to admit that the Bubble Gel ($7) was the best of all of the body washes they tested, and the Detangler ($7) worked wonders, even on thick hair.

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