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July 25, 1999|By Susan Rapp | Susan Rapp,Village Reading Center

When was the last time your child eagerly sat down to write a letter or excitedly ran to the mailbox hoping for mail? Chances are if your child hasn't written many letters, she won't be getting many in return, either. Now, with the "Letter Writer Starter Set," children can learn how they can have fun, keep in touch and be heard -- by letter.

This book, for ages 7 to 11, is written in a format children can read and enjoy by themselves. The pages contain cartoon characters with bubble sayings guiding the budding writer with clever ideas and effective suggestions. Children learn about how a letter can help make a new friend (pen pal), get things done (save a historic tree), be bold (write to a rock star) or say "thank you." A letter can even be used as a means for getting a parent's attention.

There are explanations throughout the book with lines drawn to the part of the letter that demonstrates correct format and shows children ways to make their letters interesting and informative. What is perhaps the most appealing aspect of this skill-oriented test is that a child can turn to any page and learn about a particular type of letter. In addition, the examples in the book are actual letters written by children.

Other motivational features are the easy-to-do art projects that accompany the letter-writing tips. These include designing letters in the shape of the gift, using stamps and stickers to create designs, and making surprise pop-up cards. To help your child get started, the book also includes stickers and colorful stationery with matching envelopes.

Available for $8.99 from Reader's Digest Children's Books, Reader's Digest Road, Pleasantville, N.Y. 10570-7000; Web site: www.readersdigest.com.

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