A parting shotAT a staff party for a Severna Park camera...

Scene and Heard in Anne Arundel

July 25, 1999

A parting shot

AT a staff party for a Severna Park camera shop, one of the younger staff members, who had just finished his last week before heading off in search of other opportunities, offered this vignette on a regular -- and favorite -- customer he called "Mr. Sarcophagus."

The Kodak processing lab, it seems, had lost the man's film, and to help track it down the clerk asked what was on the roll.

"John Paul Jones' sarcophagus," came the reply.

"What's a sarcophillus?," the clerk asked.

Informed of the what, and how to pronounce it, the clerk defensively explained, "Well, I grew up in the Carter administration."

-- David Michael Ettlin

Parking spot

A DRIVER heading south through Odenton on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway recently observed an elderly couple, their car parked in the breakdown lane, sitting on lawn chairs on the shoulder, playing cards at a small table.

The baffled passenger in the car remarked: "Boy. West Arundel really does need a new park."

-- Matthew Mosk

Cruisin' the county

COUNTY Executive Janet S. Owens saw Councilman Clifford R. Roop recently at a meeting of the Broadneck Federation and asked where he had gotten so much sun.

Roop told her about his tanning secret -- a new convertible -- and offered Owens a ride.

The two were later spotted in Roop's hunter green Chrysler cruising up College Parkway with the top down and ZZ Top blaring from the stereo.

-- Matthew Mosk

Yes, we have no sushi

AMID wilting midday heat early last week, a man carried a chattering boy who looked to be about 2 into the shade of an outdoor overhang at a West Street restaurant in Annapolis.

"No, this is not the sushi restaurant; we can't get sushi here," the man said.

The child looked astonished.

(Actually, a sushi restaurant is due to open soon a few steps from there.)

-- Andrea F. Siegel

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