A busy day in the life of one home-based business operator

July 25, 1999

Kathy Johnson, owner of Broadwater Consulting Group in Churchton, has no typical workday. Work can occupy eight to 12 hours of her day, depending on whether she has deadlines to meet. And her days are interspersed with short errands such as grocery shopping, laundry or weeding her garden because she's her own boss. Here is a sample of a day for Johnson:

8 a.m. -- She wakes up, makes a breakfast of leftovers from the night before or fruit for herself and her 17-year-old son, Ben. After he leaves for school, she settles down on the couch to read poetry and nature or spiritual books. A recent favorite was Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way." She also logs thoughts in a journal and meditates. "This is `me time,' " Johnson says.

10 a.m. -- Johnson goes to her home office, which has a huge window looking out onto the Chesapeake Bay. She starts making calls to clients, checks and replies to e-mail messages and then prepares for a lunch meeting with a client in Annapolis or Washington to discuss a new contract.

11 a.m. -- She heads out to the meeting and, while in Annapolis, stops at Fresh Fields to pick up groceries.

3 p.m. -- Gets home, checks her mail and might pull some weeds or check on her marigolds, begonias and hibiscuses and do a little gardening. Then she works on some proposals to clients. Checks her e-mail and replies.

4 p.m. -- Takes her dog, Hildy, out for a walk along the Chesapeake Bay. She might stop to chat with neighbors along the way back.

5 p.m. -- Makes dinner and eats with Ben. After dinner, she will check her e-mail again and then work on an agenda for her next meeting with a client or prepare a strategy to help a customer with his organizational development.

8 p.m. -- Watches some television or reads and winds down for the evening.

10: 30 p.m. -- Goes to bed.

Pub Date: 7/25/99

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