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Education Notes

July 25, 1999

Parents urged to contact schools about kindergarten

Parents or guardians of children eligible to enter kindergarten are urged to contact the elementary school serving their area as soon as possible.

August enrollment in kindergarten is mandatory for children who will be 5 years old by Dec. 31. The law does allow parents or guardians to request a level of maturity waiver or to enroll the child in one of three alternative programs or apply for a home school instruction program.

Parents need to present the following at registration:

A copy of the child's birth certificate or other legal document verifying the child's legal name and birth date.

The child's Social Security number if the parents voluntarily support it being used as the child's school identification number. Disclosure of the Social Security number is not mandatory for kindergarten registration.

Verification of residence, such as a utility bill or lease agreement.

Specific addresses the child will be transported to and from school.

The school should be advised at registration of any waivers or alternative programs the parents wish to apply for.

Information: 410-751-3020.

Host families sought for exchange students

ASSE International Student Exchange is seeking host families for foreign exchange students for the 1999-2000 academic school year.

Carroll County representatives Judy and Mont Beardsley of Finksburg are interviewing candidates for host families.

Youths are 15 to 18 years old and speak English. They are carefully screened for the exchange program. They have comprehensive insurance and their own spending money.

Students arrive shortly before school begins in the fall and return at the end of the school year. Short summer vacation programs also are available.

Host families need to provide a place to sleep and study, meals and a loving atmosphere to nurture a student's curiosity.

Local students wishing to attend school in another country also are being sought.

Information: 410-876-2499.

Community activist honored with tree planting

Carroll Community College, the Carroll County Democratic Club and Democratic Central Committee recently honored the memory of Robert A. Scott, community activist and college supporter.

A cherry tree was planted on the college campus and a plaque from the Democratic Party was placed, reading, "In memory of Robert A. Scott. He spent his life caring and doing for others. The world is a little less without him. He is missed."

Bernard Jones, a CCC Foundation member, said the college was one of Scott's pet projects, Scott and his wife were awarded Friends of the College status and presented with the college medal in 1996.

Scott was a World War II veteran, president of Beacon Steel Products Co., a director of Union National Bank, and a member and supporter of the Carroll County Arts Council and Westminster Rotary Club.

Delegate announces winners of college scholarships

Del. Donald B. Elliott has announced the recipients of four one-year college scholarships, starting this fall.

Victoria Lynn Albright and Tracey McElroy of Mount Airy and Kristin Nicole Little of New Windsor will attend the University of Maryland. Megan Jones of Mount Airy will attend West Virginia University.

The scholarships are based on the undergraduate fee charged by the University of Maryland and are applicable to any college in Maryland, or under special conditions, to an out-of-state college.

Pub Date: 7/25/99

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