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Xan Replogle And Kris Kahn


Xan Replogle and Kris Kahn wrote a "script" for their wedding. After all, the two professional actors could hardly trust just any writer to plan their biggest show together to date.

Xan and Kris met in July 1994 at auditions for the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Xan, a Maryland distinguished scholar for the dramatic arts, began her career at age 8. Her mother, Karen Replogle, was an actress in New York and her father, Dan Replogle, has acted in local amateur productions for years. The Replogles are from Baltimore.

Kris, who began acting as a toddler, is the son of Sally Kahn, a well-known costume designer from Milford Mill who works with many of Baltimore's private schools as well as area ballet troupes. His father, Mike Kahn of Woodstock, is the manager of Liberty Showcase Theater in Baltimore.

A few weeks after they met, Xan and Kris had their first date. They stayed up all night talking about their craft as well as other topics. Kris also serenaded Xan with his guitar, crooning songs he had written himself.

Both won major roles in the Renaissance Festival, and they were inseparable during its run.

In October 1994, shortly after the festival ended, Kris went to the Cayman Islands. (He had been hired as a personal assistant and needed to work out employment logistics before moving to the islands for a year). When he returned to the United States after the brief trip, he proposed to Xan. She said yes. But they both decided the proposal was premature, and put off marriage to see if their love would weather a separation.

While he was gone, Kris wrote Xan every day. She telephoned almost as regularly and also managed to visit once.

Kris returned to the States in October 1995 and decided to move to New York. Xan joined him there in February 1996.

During the next two years, the couple did all the things that "starving" actors do. They worked at various daytime jobs -- "so we could eat," Kris says with a laugh. Xan acted off-Broadway as well as on television, while Kris tried his hand at summer stock in New Hampshire. They took acting classes and Kris earned a degree from the Circle in the Square Theater School.

On May 8, 1998, Kris proposed for the second time during an off-Broadway show that Xan was performing in. A videotape shows Kris reading a comic poem he wrote to a very surprised Xan. Overcome by tears, she begins nodding yes in answer to the proposal as the audience -- which included most of her family as well as some of Kris' -- enthusiastically applauds.

On July 10, Xan, 25, and Kris, 26, were married at Maryvale Castle in Brooklandville. The contemporary service included medieval overtones to reflect the Renaissance Festival that brought the couple together. Xan and Kris wrote their vows themselves. The reading was from Shakespeare.

The wedding music was taken from shows Xan and Kris have performed in, including "Romeo and Juliet" and "Godspell." The celebrant was Tony Guida, who plays Cardinal Sinius Vice in the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

As the wedding reception wound to a close, Xan changed from her elaborate gown into white jeans and a white blouse. She donned her white motorcycle helmet while Kris, still in his tuxedo pants and white poet's shirt, put on his black helmet. Then they hopped onto their motorcycle and rode off into the night through a shower of flower petals.

Like the audience at any romantic movie, sentimental well-wishers were still dabbing away their tears when the show ended.

Pub Date: 07/25/99

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