The Preservation Society

Behind the scenes

July 25, 1999|By Karin Remesch

Mission: To promote and emphasize the historical and architectural significance of Federal Hill and Fells Point; to foster further preservation of the communities' architectural heritage and historic legacy; and to ensure that present and future development within the area is compatible and worthy of inclusion in a historic district. The Preservation Society restored, maintains and operates the 18th-century Robert Long House and Garden as a museum at 812 S. Ann St. -- the oldest surviving urban residence in Baltimore. The society sponsors free walking tours of Federal Hill and Fells Point; conducts design review for renovations and new construction in both historic districts; sponsors neighborhood projects, including improved pedestrian lighting and brick sidewalks; and is the sponsor of the annual Fells Point Fun Festival.

Latest accomplishments: Renovation of a warehouse at 808 S. Ann St. as a visitors' center for Fells Point; acquisition of four waterfront properties in Fells Point for the Maryland Maritime Center, which is being developed in partnership with the Maryland Historical Society; and acquisition of the 18th-century London Coffee House and George Well House for preservation.

On the horizon: The Maryland Maritime Center in Fells Point is scheduled to open in late 2000. The centerpiece, the Maritime Collection from the Maryland Historical Society, will be housed at 1724-26 Thames St. The 33rd annual Fells Point Fun Festival takes place Oct. 2-Oct. 3; the annual holiday house tour of Federal Hill and Otterbein is Dec. 19.

About the society: Membership: 500. Attendance: 350,000 annually. Operating budget: $310,000. Capital project budget: $2.2 million.

Where and when: 812 S. Ann St. Hours for Robert Long House, 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. weekdays. Fells Point Visitor Center, noon to 4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, beginning Aug. 1.

Christopher Ryer, president of the board of directors: "We are going through an explosion of growth. We are looking forward to operating a complex of historical buildings to tell the Fells Point and Federal Hill story."

Members of the board

Clyde "Bud" Billings

Nancy Caudill

Tracy Cerrato

Andrew B. Cohen

Robert W. Cooke

Jennifer K. Etheridge

Robert L. Eney

Barbara Epke

Howard R. Feldman

Lucretia Billings Fisher

Newton B. Fowler III

Avril Haines

Michael Hendrix

Jean Hepner

Timothy A. Hodge Jr.

Thomas Holly

Jamie Hunt

Frances Kidder

Harriet Kohl

Julian L. Lapides

David Marshall

Philip Merrill

Joy Owens

Lucy H. Crosby Price

Stephanie Ratcliffe

Nita Schultz

Perry Sfikas

Stelios Spiliadis

Alexandra Switaj

Dominick Wicker

Denise Whitman

Dan Winner

Pub Date: 07/25/99

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