For nest egg, put 10% away each year

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July 23, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

SUGGESTIONS to fatten your investment returns:

"Fastest way to build a nest egg is to maximize retirement contributions. Put a minimum of 10 percent of your income annually toward your later years." (Financial Planning Perspectives.)

"Many technology stocks are selling at lofty P/E multiples, but the following high-techs are undervalued: America Online Inc., Cisco Systems Inc. and Intel Corp." (Philip Orlando, Value Line Asset Management Co.)

WALL STREET WATCH: "The market, following historical patterns, will peak in mid- to late July, then suffer a correction of at least 20 percent." (Wall Street Digest.)

"Main reason for the market's continued advance -- with a few corrections -- is that interest rates continue their long-term decline. If this continues, it's highly bullish for stocks." (Cabot Market Letter.)

"The next market decline won't be orderly. This is a crash climate. There is a Dow Jones 1,000 point `down day' ahead." (Hussman Econometrics.)

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