Blazing hot

Sweat out summer's swelter with a few cool heat-busters

Just for kids

July 22, 1999|By Chris Wittenborn | Chris Wittenborn,Chicago Tribune

Here are some cool tips for summer:


Cut that superlong hair for a good cause. Locks of Love, based in Palm Springs, Fla., takes hair from a ponytail or braid that is at least 10 inches long and makes wigs for sick kids who need them. (We got this info from Katie Snyder, 6, of Burr Ridge, Ill., who recently donated her French braid to the cause.) To find out more, call (888) 896-1588.


Dodge the hot weather with a game of spongeball. To play, split at least six friends into two teams -- three on one side of the yard, three on the other. Pick a dividing line down the middle of the yard, then hand out five or six water-logged sponges to each team. Now start hurling the sponges at the other team's members -- without crossing into their side of the yard. If a sponge hits a player, he or she sits out for a minute. The team that's the least soaked, wins.

Or raid the fridge, rally up your friends and head to the pool for a game of watermelon relay. Break off into even lines (each line gets a watermelon). Each person must push his or her team's watermelon to and from the edge of the pool (they float on the water's surface!). The first line to have every person finish wins!


Remember, your pets feel the heat too. The trainers at Ruff N Stuff pet store in Chicago say that because dogs sweat through their paws and tongues only, it's crucial to moisten those parts. (Use wet towels, wading pools, ice cubes . . . )

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