Poolside festivities set for Fun Night


July 21, 1999|By Pat Brodowski | Pat Brodowski,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

GET SET, GET WET at Family Fun Night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday at the Hampstead Pool on Sugar Maple Street.

Cost is $1 for members or $2 for nonmembers. The pool will close early that evening to begin the Fun Night.

It's the second Fun Night this summer, offered in response to the enthusiastic turnout at the first held June 25.

At Family Fun Night in June, almost 60 children and their families enjoyed the games, snack bar menu specials and the atmosphere of a neighborhood party.

Starting with a raw-egg version of the balloon toss in which winners got to pick up the broken eggshells, the game inspired friendly competition. Lifeguards swimming alongside the youngest racers were cheered when lending them a tug.

"I was really excited that night. It was a great night. The kids were all participating. My daughter Elissa did every activity. I went home thrilled," said Bonnie Jacobson of Hampstead, the mother of five children.

More than a dozen baby-pool swimmers lined up for the penny hunt. So popular was collecting the pennies that pool manager Heather Semies repeated it until every child had collected a handful.

"Heather is unbelievable with kids," said Dean Mantzouris. "I can't say enough about her and everyone else here. We've lived in Roberts Field six years and have four kids age 7 and under, so we use the pool a lot."

At least 42 children sat at the edge of the main swimming pool before Semies began the older-age coin toss. Finding a dime or quarter earned the lucky child a free snowball. This hunt was held several times, too.

Individual kick-board races were held with swimmers of similar ages. Tandem races were held for parent and child or two friends, who kicked together while holding foam swim noodles. Each of these races was held until everyone who wanted to had raced across the pool.

For the biggest splash contest from the pool slide, the youngest swimmer, wearing arm floats, was cheered by the teen-agers who were lined up behind him. Lifeguard Ryan Fisher did the mock-Olympic style rating of splashes to determine the biggest ones.

"I personally thought Elissa did the greatest splash, maybe because I'm her mom," Jacobson said.

The contest with the most laughs took place out of the water.

"The chubby bunny was the funniest I've ever seen," Mantzouris said. It's a test for talking with a mouth stuffed with marshmallows. One must audibly say "chubby bunny" through the sticky mess. One child after another stuffed in about six marshmallows and discovered their mouths too full to talk.

"Heather was the instigator," Mantzouris said, who became a contestant when cornered by Semies, who was seeking someone to break her record. "I think I tied her record. I did 14 marshmallows in my big mouth, me with all the kids."

As the sun set and the pool lights were turned on, a watermelon with a thick coat of Vaseline was tossed into the pool and children of all ages divided into loose teams.

"Peter and my twins Alex and Michael were in the big tug of war with the greased watermelon. That was pretty cool," Mantzouris said.

Photographs of Fun Night were snapped by Tonia Day and Karyn Harmon and are on display at the pool, with extras available. Ask lifeguards Holly and Becky Carswell to see if you've been pictured.

Pool information: 410-374-4665.

Artists show how

Many artists of the Hanover (Pa.) Area Arts Guild enjoy showing how they create drawings and paintings, and community education has been a large function of their guild.

To sample a full array of artistic media and techniques, plan to visit Demonstration Day at the Gallery from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the Hanover Dutch Festival July 31.

The guild gallery is at 32 Carlisle St., just past central square in Hanover. The square is the site of the annual Dutch Festival with its various activities, food vendors and items for sale.

On Demonstration Day, artists will demonstrate how to work in pastels, oils and watercolors, and create various fiber arts, beadwork, basketry and the traditional folk art of egg scratching.

About 150 artists and crafts people belong to the Hanover Area Arts Guild.

In addition to active artists, memberships in the guild are available for youths, individual supporters of community arts and corporate patrons.

Members receive a monthly newsletter, discounts to educational and social events, and gallery space to display and sell work.

Information: 717-632-2521.

Pat Brodowski's North neighborhood column appears each Wednesday in the Carroll County edition of The Sun.

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