Judy Blume goes online with information, advice

Computer Time

July 21, 1999|By Melody Holmes

Home base isn't just for baseball anymore.

Author Judy Blume has created her own Web site, called Homebase, at www.judyblume.com. It is full of information about the author and her books, and she also offers advice to readers.

The site includes a list of Blume's books by category and a helpful section called "Writing Tips," where Blume shares with aspiring writers her ideas and advice on issues like rewriting, dealing with teachers, getting published, finding your own style and dealing with rejection.

A list of Blume's favorite questions, along with her answers to them, is also posted on the Web site.

In the matter of activities, the site leaves something to be desired. However, the information Blume gives may prove helpful to writers of any age, and the suggestion box should allow for improvements in the future. The site is updated about once a month.

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