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July 21, 1999

These learning games use everyday household items and can be fun for you and your child to do together during the summer months.

Vocabulary: Using dry lima beans, write a word to be reviewed on each with a fine-tipped marker. Place five to 10 beans into a small can. Let your child shake out the beans and read each word, then use it in a sentence.

Comprehension: Write a sentence on a strip of paper. Then cut the sentence apart into individual words and place them in a lunch bag. Have your child empty the bag and put the sentence together.

Sight Words: Give your child a page from the newspaper and a marker. Ask her to circle all the words she can read on the page. Then connect the circles and see what type of picture she creates. Young children can circle each letter they recognize.

Writing: Save covers of cereal boxes. use them as story starters, for example: "If We Used Cheerios Instead of Money" or "Captain Crunch Saves the Day"

Spelling: Write letters of the alphabet on pieces of rigatoni or macaroni using a fine-tipped marker. Give your child some string or yarn and have her use the noodles to practice stringing some spelling words. This is a good incentive for a child to learn to spell her name.

Sequencing: Cut out comics that complete a story in one strip. Number each picture on the back and cut them out. Mix up the pictures and ask your child to put the story together in proper sequence. Check the numbers on the back to see if they are correct.

-- Susan Rapp

Village Reading Center

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