Former Dorsey's Search manager to pay $50,000

Insurance firm reaches settlement with Darrin, who faces theft charges


The former manager of Dorsey's Search village will pay an insurance company about half of what she is accused of embezzling from the village, court papers show.

Anne S. Darrin, 49, filed for bankruptcy in February 1998 and is accused by the village of stealing more than $120,000.

A Howard County grand jury indicted Darrin in May on theft charges.

While the village association contends that more than $120,000 was taken, prosecutors say Darrin stole more than $70,000 during a four-year period.

An insurance company paid Dorsey's Search $116,485.74 on a policy that guards against fraud.

After receiving the insurance money, Dorsey's Search turned over its claim against Darrin in federal court to the insurance company.

In court papers filed last week, Darrin agreed to pay $50,000 to Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America.

Darrin's trial on theft charges is scheduled to begin Sept. 8.

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