The waves of summerAir-dried and wavy is the sexiest way...


July 18, 1999|By Gailor Large | Gailor Large,special to the sun

The waves of summer

Air-dried and wavy is the sexiest way to wear your hair these days. To get the look with long hair, Natercia Jackson of Indulgence (6245 Falls Road) recommends applying a styling gel or mousse after showering. Using your hands, scrunch all over and don't touch after that. The summer heat will do the rest. For those who don't want to leave home with damp tresses, attach a diffuser to your blow- dryer and scrunch while drying.

If your hair is short, comb it into place and let it dry naturally. Jackson says she adds a little shine to her short hair by finger-combing in a finisher when she gets to work. Her favorite is Redken's Water Wax ($13 for 1.7 ounces). For finer hair, she suggests Bain De Terre's Recovery Complex ($15 for 2 ounces). -- G.L.

Pink's in sync

Some like it hot. Others take it very pale. However you prefer your pink, there's no doubt that there's plenty to go around this summer. We dare you to find a department store or clothing boutique that isn't carrying something pink.

So it's in the media, in a Donna Karan dress (right) and in the stores, but is it in your closet? We wanted to see how much Baltimore has actually been buying into the pink frenzy. We asked two local fashion gurus what they thought.

Robyn Fischer of the Red Garter in Pikesville says pink is selling best as an accent color. Although some of her customers are bold enough to cover themselves in pink, many prefer buying it as a complement to a more neutral color -- to wear under a gray suit, for example. She says that pale "baby" shades are most popular.

Sima Blue, owner of Trillium in Greenspring Station, thinks Baltimore is ready for color. "Women come in begging for a dress that isn't black." She believes pink has caught on because it's soft and appealing and there's a shade for everyone. From pastel to dusty, pink works for all skin tones and all ages. And Blue assures us it isn't just a summer fad. In fact, she's already ordered pink for fall.

The final proof: Both the White House and the Black Market (area locations) are breaking their vows of color homogeneity this season. With what color? You guessed it.

Time wears thin

For a light-as-air, slightly sporty timekeeper that's perfect for anything from jogging to lunching, try one of Swatch's Skin watches.

Flattention, Golden Jelly and Carbonite ($70 each) are all new this season, and their thinness gives the sensation of a nearly bare wrist (none is thicker than 4 millimeters).

If you're in the market for a metal band, Flattention is the skinniest one around. Golden Jelly is best for the beach or pool, and Carbonite is just right for those who prefer a darker style. All are shock resistant and water resistant up to 30 meters.

Call 800-8-Swatch for store locations.

-- G.L.

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