Swimming pool would fit nicely in CCC centerI just read...


July 18, 1999

Swimming pool would fit nicely in CCC center

I just read where Carroll Community College will be expanding and adding two new buildings, one of which would be a fitness building ("CCC planning $12.9 million expansion," July 7).

The fitness building would include a new exercise center, classrooms and faculty offices, according to the story.

I think these improvements are wonderful, but I'm disappointed that the fitness building would not include an indoor pool.

A pool could be used by people of all ages for such activities as water aerobics and swim lessons and could be a practice arena for swim teams and others. Carroll County has many fine swimmers, some of whom are training for the Olympics.

Adding a pool to CCC would give swimmers another venue. Right now there are only two places to swim in Carroll County year round, the YMCA and Western Maryland College. Swimming is a big thing in Carroll County and Maryland. Hasn't anyone noticed that there is a three- to four-year waiting list to join South Carroll, Freedom and West Howard Swim Clubs?

Even with all the pools in Howard County, it, too, has long waiting lists. Many of these outdoor pools are hosts to swimmers who train year-round.

Carroll County high schools don't recognize swimming as a high school sport. With an additional pool in the county, it is possible that swimming could be added as a team sport because teams would have more places to practice.

Other Maryland counties include swimming as a high school sport.

Also, don't overlook the revenues an indoor pool would bring to the college.

Swimming is one sport that can be enjoyed by everyone while giving your body an overall non-impact aerobic workout. A fitness building would not be complete without an indoor pool.

Nancy Kaufman, Marriottsville

To cure road rage, exercise, drop Kreme

I have to respond to Kevin Cowherd's story about his frustration with the bike rider on York Road ("Biker dude, move it over," July 15).

The benefits of riding your bike on the road or road running (another form of exercise that frequently peeves stressed motorists) outweigh the odds that an angry fat man is going to run you over. Regular aerobic exercise relieves stress, increases self-esteem and helps you sleep better.

Beginning an aerobic program will help you stay calm the next time a bike rider delays you for 30 seconds while you wait to pass. Oh yeah, and it's great for your heart. You are more likely to die of heart disease from an unhealthy lifestyle than from being struck by a car. If I have the sad misfortune to ride by Mr. Cowherd's casket one day, I'll stop and make sure the funeral director has removed the Krispy Kreme from his sticky fist.

Yvonne Brach, Sykesville

Pub Date: 7/18/99

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