"One of my favorite books is `Tar Beach' by Faith...


July 14, 1999

"One of my favorite books is `Tar Beach' by Faith Ringgold. It's about an 8-year-old girl named Cassie who imagines she can fly and everything she flies over is hers. I like the book because Cassie reminds me of myself. I often dream of flying free in the air. Especially over an ice cream factory."

-- Ashley Jackson

Leith Walk Elementary

"My favorite book is `Casey at the Bat' by Ernest Lawrence Thayer. It's about a boy named Casey, who is late for his baseball game. When Casey finally gets to the ballpark, the umpire yelled, `You're late kid!' In the last inning of the game, Casey came to bat. He was sure he would get a hit. Read this fun book to see if Casey got a hit or struck out."

-- Jonathan Shaw

Mechanicsville Elementary

"If you are a kid who likes whales, read `Ibis: A True Whale Story' by John Himmelman. This whale lived in the water near an old fishing village. When Ibis saw a boat, she always came up. Everything was fine until she got tangled in a net."

-- Angela Ku

Hampton Elementary

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