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July 13, 1999

Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to these questions, go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

Lunar Loop, Step 1: How do you hold your yo-yo?

Where did they climb the Great Trango Tower?(Go to http://www.quokka.com to find out.)

What was the painter Monet's first name?


Imagine yourself in France, strolling through a lush garden filled with colorful, fragrant flowers and singing birds. The dragonflies buzz lazily over shimmering light reflections on the water. Feeling inspired? Then you know how Monet felt when he created some of his most famous paintings at the Giverny gardens. With one little artist's tool, you can get inspired, too. A simple stroke of http://www.mmfa.qc.ca/visite-vr/ anglais/index.html on your cyber canvas transports you through time and space to a virtual tour with Monet. Choose a garden, then dab your mouse at the "options" button. Voila! A miniature Monet will help you tour the garden. Oui, oui! Your friendly guide will tell you whenever there's an important view. Gaze at the paintings and the real landscapes behind these Impressionist masterpieces.


From the brain twister to lunar loops, the yo-yo is capable of just about anything. Thanks to Smarty Pants' 3D Yo-Yo Web site, you'll get the latest on this far-out hobby, along with 3D demos that you'll have to see to believe. Shoot the moon at http://www.webspun.org/ where a spin cycle of tricks and tips await, including the UFO, gravity pull, trapeze and, of course, the sleeper. You'll also find out about cool events, reviews and info of all kinds. Most important, don't forget to walk the dog. Just say yo!

Pub Date: 07/13/99

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