Orioles' ups and downs

July 11, 1999|By Joe Strauss

Juan Guzman -- UP --- Guzman looked like he'd lost it in April. Since then he has become an effective six-inning starter. His postseason pedigree while with Toronto makes him an obvious candidate to end the month elsewhere. Almost two years after shoulder surgery, Guzman resembles a dangerous strikeout pitcher once again.

The Ghastly -- DOWN -- Boys If the 1990 Cincinnati Reds' relievers were the Nasty Boys, the 1999 Orioles deserve their place in history. Twenty blown saves in 82 games is the stuff of nightmares. Gabe Molina for closer?

B. J. Surhoff -- UP -- A first-time All-Star at 34, the Orioles left fielder finally received a reward for unwavering consistency. Was caught smiling during a Wednesday news conference.

Arthur Rhodes -- DOWN -- The A-Train derailed last weekend in New York. His problems with manager Ray Miller are deep, long-standing and now public. At some point, he must improve, if for no other reason than to expedite a trade.

Jason Johnson -- UP -- For the price of Danny Clyburn, the Orioles may have obtained their long-missing fifth starter. Last two starts against the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays suggest substance regardless of the bullpen madness behind him.

Jerry Hairston -- UP -- After 18 years, this is what an infield prospect looks like. Thanks for the reminder.

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