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July 11, 1999

In the June 13 issue of Home & Family, the Summer Reading List page included quiz questions for each of the suggested titles. Here are the answers.


"Beach Ball"

Q. Why did Mary first lose her ball?

A. The wind blew it away.

"Boo and Baa at Sea"

Q. What finally gets the two sheep afloat?

A. A motorboat that whizzes by.

"The Great White Man-Eating Shark"

Q. Why does Norvin make the dorsal fin of a shark?

A. People are getting in his way when he shoots through the water like a silver arrow.

"The Rainbow Fish"

Q. How does the wise octopus suggest the Rainbow Fish find happiness?

A. By giving all the other fish one of his glittering scales.

"Sea Shapes"

Q. What sea creature is the shape of a spiral?

A. A snail.

"Spot Goes to the Beach"

Q. What does Spot make while Sam naps?

A. A sand castle.

"Stella Star of the Sea"

Q. Why is Sam so curious about what he sees at the beach?

A. It is his first time visiting a beach.

"Swim the Silver Sea, Joshie Otter"

Q. Why does Joshie Otter visit his Arctic friends?

A. He wants to play, and his mother can't.

"The Whales"

Q. Where do the whales make wishes?

A. At the Cape of Good Hope.

"What Can You Find?: On the Beach"

Q. What can you find to play with at the beach?

A. A kite, beach ball, shovel and bucket.


"Chadwick the Crab"

Q. Where did Chadwick want to live?

A. At the Baltimore Aquarium.

"The Girl, the Fish & the Crown"

Q. What what does the fish search for in order to be turned back into a girl?

A. The queen's crown.

"A House for Hermit Crab"

Q. Why did Hermit need to move?

A. He got too big for his little shell.

"Moonsnail Song"

Q. What are some of the things April daydreams about at her desk?

A. Moonsnails, hermit crabs, tidepool sculpin, sea urchins, barnacles, anemones and sea stars.

"Mrs. Armitage and the Big Wave"

Q. What distracts Mrs. Armitage from the big wave?

A. A small girl who swims out too far and gets herself into trouble.

"Nate the Great and the Boring Beach Bag"

Q. Where was Oliver's beach bag found and how did he lose it?

A. It was found right where he left it. His beach ball, which had been sitting next to his bag, was kicked far away. When Oliver found his ball, he thought his bag should be there, but it wasn't. It was his ball that had moved, not his bag.


Q. What is Riptide Windjammer named after?

A. Riptide for a current that runs out to sea when sandbars crumble. Windjammer for a ship that runs before the wind.

"Sam: The Tale of a Chesapeake Bay Rockfish"

Q. What kind of trouble did Sam get himself into?

A. After teasing the swans by the dock, he swam away swiftly and forgot to look where he was going. He got stuck in a big green bottle.

"Seaside Poems"

Q. What's spined with sparks, limbed with flames, climbing the dark to cling and shine until the slow tide turns again?

A. The starfish in Valerie Worth's poem.

"Wish for a Fish"

Q. Which sea creature has a tusk like a unicorn, and what zone is it found in?

A. The narwhal, and it's found in the sunny zone.

AGES 9 TO 12

"Abel's Island"

Q. How did Abel first get swept away?

A. During a rain storm, his wife's scarf was stolen by the wind. When Abel went after it, he was stolen by the wind.

"Hattie and the Wild Waves"

Q. What is Hattie's main inspiration?

A. The waves in the ocean.

"Mermaid Tales From Around the World"

Q. In the Nigerian Tale "The Fish Husband," what happens to the girl when she jumps into the river at Idunmaibo?

A. Instead of drowning, she turns into a mermaid.

"Mysteries & Marvels of Ocean Life"

Q. What fish turns blue and red to match its seabed and always blends into its surroundings?

A. The Fusilier Fish.

"The Mystery of the Hidden Beach"

Q. What is stolen from Violet's aquarium?

A. Her beautiful conch.

"Scary Sea Stories"

Q. In "The Most Beautiful Day of the Year," what was the legend that Captain Anderson told Lieutenant Alger after their experience with the Tantallus?

A. "The sailor who fails to answer his mates' distress call ... is doomed for eternity to relive the deaths of his mates ... in a storm-tossed sea."


Q. What did the crew tell Ezra when he told them about a "bird that saved the ship?"

A. They said he must have seen the pale white ghost of a frozen whaleman's soul.

"Sea Snakes"

Q. These reptiles can be found in what habitats?

A. They are found in coral reefs, mangrove swamps, salt marshes and mouths of rivers. They are mainly found from the east coast of Africa to the west coasts of North America and South America.

"Stories From the Sea"

Q. What two wishes does Wa ask the precious pearl for in the Vietnamese story "The Precious Pearl"?

A. For food and to protect her village from the evil village chief.

"Where Did All the Water Go?"

Q. Where do the boy's bay friends suggest the water has gone?

A. The swan thinks the water is floating in the sky, the gull says the water is in an underground cave and the duck thinks the water is in a deep hole and will never come back.

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