Facing up to one's personality

July 11, 1999|By Booth Moore | Booth Moore,Los Angeles Times

What does Hillary Rodham Clinton's face say about who she is? Naomi Tickle can tell you. A practicing personologist, she believes human behavior and personality traits are related to physical structure.

"When I first heard about personology 17 years ago, I thought it was another one of those crazy California fads," Tickle says. "But it works. I had myself analyzed, and the personologist discovered things about me that I have never told anyone."

Now she heads the International Centre for Personology outside San Francisco where she reads faces for a living. By scrutinizing the shape of a nose and the thickness of an upper lip, she is able to give clients information about themselves.

We asked Tickle for a few tips. For more about personology, check out "It's All in the Face" (Daniel's Publishing, 1997), or www.naomitickle.com.

Some people believe the eyes are the window to the soul. What can you tell from them?

People with big irises really feel emotions. Monica Lewinsky's irises are huge. You also see the trait in movie stars like Julia Roberts.

Can you tell from Hillary's face why she stays with Bill?

Hillary has an oval forehead, so she's a maintainer. Her eyes are wide-set, which says she is also a very tolerant person.

What do Mick Jagger's lips say?

Anyone who has large lips loves to talk. Thin-lipped people have difficulty expressing themselves.

Can you tell if people are compatible romantically?

Yes. I look for similar texture of hair and similar width of face. It's also good to have a similar tolerance level, which refers to how close or far apart the eyes are.

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