Starbucks to give $250,000 to help literacy efforts

Promoting literacy

July 11, 1999

SEATTLE -- There's a reading-related reason to root for Mark McGwire this year: The Starbucks Foundation is donating $5,000 to children's charities with literacy programs for each home run hit by the St. Louis Cardinals slugger.

The nonprofit foundation, created to support charitable causes in communities where the Seattle-based Starbucks company conducts business, guaranteed that donations would total at least $250,000, with each $5,000 gift going to programs in the host city where the home run is hit.

Unfortunately, that will not include Baltimore. The Cardinals and Orioles play in different leagues and are not scheduled to meet in interleague matchups.

Announcing the McGwire program, called "Read. Dream. Grow. Out of the Park -- Into the Books," the foundation said it "focuses on literacy because Starbucks believes in the power of reading -- to change lives, to combat poverty and despair and to involve parents in creating a better future for their children."

Pub Date: 7/11/99

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