B-movie horrors -- and delights

A TIP FROM... Chris Kaltenbach

July 11, 1999|By Chris Kaltenbach

Local horror maven Don Dohler, whose film career is chronicled in John Thonen's recently released book "B-Movie Horrors," has been churning out grade-B horror flicks since 1977, when his "The Alien Factor" was released and, on the heels of "Star Wars," actually made it onto TV via a syndication package. Since then, he's written, produced and directed "Fiend," "Nightbeast," "Galaxy Invader" and "Blood Massacre."

Using mostly local actors and filming on low budgets, Dohler has gained a reputation for nasty little gore- and creature-filled flicks that make up in enthusiasm what they may lack in polish. They're an acquired taste, and definitely not for the squeamish, but if his film- ography piques your curiosity, "B-Movie Horrors" serves as a fine introduction to the Dohler canon.

For information on ordering the book, write Movie Club Inc., 4504 Hershey Way, Baltimore, Md. 21236.

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